The Most Powerful Marketing Tool Under $1 That Everyone Should Be Using

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When was the last time you wrote a thank-you note? If you are like almost everyone else- it’s probably been a long time and more than likely it was to a friend or family member and not part of your business efforts.

This is exactly what makes a thank-you note stand out so much and work so powerfully in your favor. They are rare and there is no way to get one without noticing it or taking a second to think back about the sender.

What this means for your business is you should be sending them out to all your clients and not only making them personal but using the opportunity to give them a chance to provide you with more business, offer you a referral and build a stronger connection with them that is more powerful than anything your competition can do to break into that relationship.

For the cost of a few minutes times and a stamp there is no better marketing magic than a simple thank-you note. We send them to all of our San Diego bookkeeping clients and not one has ever failed to mention getting it and how surprised they were and how it impressed them that we did it. Give it a try yourself and I am sure you will see the same.

Thank you notes are so rare in this digital age that a good one makes a huge impression. Here’s how to write one.

It is scary how few people take the time to say “thank you.” The notes I do receive often have typos and grammatical mistakes, even though they’re sent by professionals in a line of work where perfect copy ought to be second nature. This doesn’t build my confidence in them, and it doesn’t do much to help build the type of relationship they intended.

There’s no faster way to create a positive impression than with a handwritten note or card. For your employees. For partners. For customers. Keep some simple, professional correspondence cards handy. Then push away the keyboard and write one or two sentences — by hand.

A masterful thank you is so rare in this digital age that it speaks volumes about the sender. Rarer still is a handwritten note from a business owner or executive. When the sender is a busy executive, handwritten notes are so remarkable that they easily earn awe and admiration.

Want to knock some socks off today? Write a meaningful thank you email or, better, send a handwritten note.

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