New Business Bookkeeping Setup

Starting a new business involves all kinds of tasks and decisions and requires you wear a whole bunch of different hats. Why not save yourself some time and headaches and let us wear the accountant visor?

We can quickly and efficiently set up the bookkeeping for your business and do it right, the first time so you are doing it correctly from the start and don’t pay the consequences (and extra cost) of having to fix it later or, worse, not fix it and end up paying more in taxes or lost revenue than you would ever realize.

Our service can help you do all of the following:

  • Pick the right accounting program for your business situation
  • Install and configure it to match your needs
  • Remove things you won’t need
  • Customize it to do exactly what you do need
  • Integrate it with your banking, check writing and credit card accounts
  • Integrate it with your payroll service (if needed)
  • Set you up for accepting credit cards, e-checks, etc. if desired
  • Protect your info with passwords and security measures
  • Train you on how to use it as much or as little as you want to learn

There are lots of advantages to getting started right and if you decide to have us continue to provide bookkeeping services on an ongoing basis, the installation, software, setup and training will be available at a reduced price or even provided absolutely FREE depending on the level of service you choose!