There are many advantages to using our San Diego bookkeeping service that make it a proven value:

  • Frees your time to work on other aspects of your business
  • Drastically reduces errors by having a professional do the work
  • Saves you money by helping with tax reduction planning
  • Saves you money by catching bank errors, credit card errors, over payments and late payments
  • Adds to your bottom line by making sure you get your accounts receivable paid in a timely manner
  • Provides an external check on accounts to catch and prevent theft
  • Gives you timely business information to help decision making, cost reduction and profit growth.

Although each client is different and we provide custom quotes for every single job, here is a general guideline:

Monthly Bookkeeping Service:

See our bookkeeping services page for service details. After an initial set up meeting in person or over the phone, using online access, scanning or faxing and email we can take care of your bookkeeping needs without invading your space or your time. 100% secure and very cost effective. Starts as low as $75 per month. Depends on volume of transactions, services needed.

New Business Setup:

Installation, setup and training: starts at $150. May be reduced or FREE, however, with monthly bookkeeping agreement, depending on services needed.

Project Work:

One time project work based on hours required and depending on type of work needed. Starts as low as $19/hour.

Payroll Processing Service:

Depends on level of service needed and number of employees. Starts as low as $35/month.

Quickbooks Training:

We can provide Quickbooks training for one or more people at your location or via live webinar. Basic training starts at $150.

Tax Preparation:

Depends on the number of returns required and the complexity of each. If you have a copy of last year’s returns we can quickly give you a specific price quote for the current year’s return. Otherwise, we can arrive at a price quickly by asking a short series of questions to determine your exact needs.

Accounting & Consulting:

On a project or hourly basis depending on the scope of the service required. $110 per hour charge for most accounting projects. Consulting projects vary and some offer monthly payment options. See our consulting page for more info.

Business Sales:

If you are considering selling your business, CapForge is a licensed business broker (CA Broker License #01843499) with years of experience selling small to mid-sized businesses. The consultation is free and the work is done on a commission only basis. Please request a consultation to determine the market value of your business if you are considering a sale.

Bookkeeping Coupons and Special Offers:

Depending on the needs of your business and availability of our bookkeeper staff we offer San Diego bookkeeping coupons and special offers here. Check them out for even more savings!